Reno Viola

Together in 1983 the Viola Brothers not only opened Barclays Outdoor Store but also shot their pilot Fish’n Canada episode.  The first episode aired in 1984 on Global Television.  In 1985 they moved to CBC, making Fish’n Canada the first weekly fishing show to be broadcast on a national network, which then went into syndication with prominent CTV and Global affiliates along with several cable networks in 1992.  From there Reno and Angelo introduced ‘The Outdoor Journal’ Radio Show in 1996. In 2004 the brothers took reality TV to a whole new level with the first ever reality fishing show, “The Last Cull.”  Today Fish’n Canada has a national reach audience of over 1,000,000.  Angelo is still working hard with Fish’n Canada and the Outdoor Journal Radio while Reno has retired from the fishing industry.